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You’re actively job hunting or keeping your options open.

When you’re ready to make a change, you want your next position to suit your skills, experience, values, and aspirations. You’d love to find a job where you can develop and advance. For you, it’s more than just landing any old job to pay the bills. It’s your career.

So, you got the ball rolling….  

You wanted to start attracting some interviews or at least position yourself “just in case” a great opportunity came along.  But you knew that you first needed to get your résumé in order. You heard it has to get through the computer filters and then knock the socks off the Recruiters and Hiring Managers so they contact you for the interview.  So, you dusted off your résumé and added important updates. Maybe you or a friend rewrote it according to some tips you found on the internet or you actually paid a service to write it for you.

You had what you thought was a “good enough” résumé.

You included all your awesome experience, skills, and education. You were careful to proofread it 100 times to make sure it was error-free.  It looked great! You thought you had something that was good enough to send to every job posting. You envisioned yourself getting multiple interviews and landing your dream job! Maybe you had applied to some positions or sent your résumé to a few friends and colleagues for their feedback.

But the feedback wasn’t what you were expecting.

People “in the know” told you that your résumé didn’t “sell” you well enough for the positions you were targeting.  You kept hearing about “personal branding” and that your résumé has to be “accomplishment-based” and “keyword-rich”.  You didn’t realize that stuff was so important. Now what? You started to get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach….

Your “good enough” résumé might not be so “good enough”!  

Now you’re afraid your résumé is missing important things that it needs to help you get seen and selected for interviews.  You even notice job postings that expect you to customize your résumé before sending it.  Maybe that’s why you’re getting little to no response? You’re starting to doubt that you’ll ever get an interview and the hopes of landing the perfect job are slipping away.

You’d like a résumé that helps you get the job you want!

You’d like to apply to job postings as they come up so you don’t miss out on any great opportunities. You know that you need a résumé that’s going to give the best impression right from the get-go because that’s what’s going to help you get closer to landing your target job.

This is what you’re thinking:

  • You want a résumé that will get through the applicant tracking systems but you’re afraid it will end up at the bottom of the pile and no one is going to see it.
  • You know your résumé has to also impress Recruiters and Hiring Managers so you get the interviews but you have a feeling it’s not selling you as the perfect fit for the jobs.
  • You’d like some expert advice that tells you the kinds of changes your résumé needs so that you can decide if you should improve it yourself OR hire a service.
  • You need a résumé that will get you interviews for your target position but you’re hearing mostly crickets right now.

Hang tight….Résumé Rescue is on the way!  



I work with career-minded people like yourself, who want to stand out as the best candidate so they can “wow” HR, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers. They know they need an expertly written résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin but typically don’t have the time or know-how to do it themselves. I create attention-grabbing documents and profiles that help them get in the door and then coach them on how to ace the interviews so they can land the job.

You’ll receive an in-depth résumé audit, a custom report, a one-on-one review, helpful advice and tips, and a follow-up call to help you understand what makes an effective résumé and where yours needs improvement.


After working together, you’ll get a better understanding of:


  • The single biggest problem with your résumé and what changes need to be made.
  • The main things your resume needs to pass the human reader’s 6-second scan.
  • The typical problem areas of a résumé and what would make them better.
  • The top elimination criteria the reader uses to weed out résumés.
  • The most important things your résumé needs to get through the computer filters.
  • The kind of Information you shouldn’t put on your résumé.

Your Résumé Rescue Package Includes:



Job Status Questionnaire

You’ll receive a questionnaire that will ask you about your current job situation as well as your short-term goals and objectives. This helps me understand you better so that I can offer you as much value as possible during our conversation. Don’t worry – this won’t take you very long.

Résumé Audit and 30-point Inspection Report

I’ll take a thorough look at the first 1500 words of your résumé and will focus on the most critical components that need improvement.  In five to seven business days you’ll receive a written report that looks at 30 different areas of your résumé so you can see what’s working and what’s not.  It will include feedback and examples that are specific to you to help you make the recommended changes.

One-On-One Report Review

You’ll have five business days to review the inspection report.  Then we’ll have a 30-minute call to go over the findings. I’ll answer your questions and give you advice as to what kind of improvements need to be made to your résumé.

Implementation and Resources

In addition to the tips and advice you’ve already received, you will get a PDF of more examples to help you fine-tune your résumé. You’ll have seven business days to make your changes and email me your most pressing question for our final phone call.

Follow-Up Call

We’ll have a 30-minute follow-up phone call about seven business days after our first call.  We’ll discuss the question you emailed me and if you’re on the right track with creating a more effective résumé that will sell you as the “perfect fit” candidate for your target position. Making strategic improvements to your résumé can greatly increase your chances of landing interviews and getting you closer to the job you want.

Investment:  Only $97!   (Over $357 value!)



How to get started!


Step 1: Email me your résumé in a Word or PDF document to info@perfectfitresume.com which I will review to see if it needs improvement. I will review up to the first 1500 words which is up to 3 pages.

Step 2: Once I’ve determined I can help you,  you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to make payment in order to activate the service. When payment is received, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete.

Step 3: Five to seven days after you completed the questionnaire, you’ll receive the 30-point résumé inspection report.

Step 4: We’ll book the phone calls soon after you’ve reviewed the report.


For more information, contact Diana: info@perfectfitresume.com



  • This offer is limited to Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Phone appointment times are in Eastern Time Zone.
  • All phone calls must be completed within 20 business days of payment being received by Perfect Fit Résumé.




Résumé + Cover Letter
from $397 (Junior) to $937 (Executive) per package
  • One-on-one phone/Skype consultation (up to 2+ hours)
  • Use of proprietary Achievements Extraction form
  • One custom-written Résumé
  • One custom-written Cover Letter
  • Documents in Word, PDF, Plain Text
  • PDF “How To Customize Your Résumé”
  • Instructions on how to use the documents
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • The investment varies depending on the experience level and assignment complexity.


Résumé + Cover Letter + Linkedin
from $597 (Junior) to $1187 (Executive) per package
  • One-on-one phone/Skype consultation (up to 2+ hours)
  • Use of proprietary Achievements Extraction form
  • One custom-written Résumé
  • One custom-written Cover Letter
  • One custom-written Linkedin
  • Documents in Word, PDF, Plain Text
  • PDF “How To Customize Your Résumé”
  • Instructions on how to use the documents
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • The investment varies depending on the experience level and assignment complexity.


  • One-on-one job search and career coaching by phone or Skype.
  • Receive a 50% discount when you purchase coaching at the same time as any résumé package. ($147/hour regular fee)


Custom & A La Carte
  • Create your own custom package. For instance, add an extra résumé and/or cover letter for another position or industry.
  • Résumés and Linkedin profiles may be purchased separately

It was a privilege working with Diana Foster and I highly recommend her service if you need help with your résumé or job search. Being an experienced recruiter, Diana knew what improvements were needed to get my résumé to the top of the pile. With her outgoing and charming personality, Diana makes you feel valued by showing you what you have to offer a potential employer.

Russ McGrandle

Sales Professional

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