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You’re actively looking to make a change or just keeping your ear to the ground

When you’re ready to make a change, you want your next position to suit your skills, experience, values, and aspirations.

You’d love to find a job where you can develop and advance. For you, it’s more than just landing any old job to pay the bills. It’s your career.

So, you got the ball rolling….  

You wanted to attract interviews or at least position yourself “just in case” a great opportunity came along. But you knew that you first needed to get your résumé in order. So you dusted it off and updated it. Maybe you even had a service write it for you.

In any event, you made sure to include all your awesome experience, skills, and education. 

You proofread it 100 times to make sure it was error-free.

You included all the necessary keywords.

You thought what you had was a “good enough” résumé.

You envisioned yourself getting multiple interviews and landing your dream job!


Click on this link to access the free résumé writing course


Click on this link to learn how to quantify your accomplishments


But your résumé clearly wasn’t “good enough”!  

You’ve been sending out your résumé but you’re either getting little to no response or getting the wrong kind of attention. 

Or maybe you’re too afraid to send out your résumé because you’re not sure it’s good enough to attract any interest.

You get the sneaking suspicion your résumé is missing important elements that it needs to help it get seen and selected but you’re not sure what those are exactly.

At this point, you’re starting to doubt you’ll ever get interviews and your hopes of landing the perfect job is slipping away……

You’d like a résumé that helps you get the job you want!

You’d like to apply to job postings as they come up so you don’t miss out on any great opportunities.

You know you need a résumé that’s going to give a great first impression and that will help you get closer to securing your desired position.

But you know you probably need some help.


Click on this link to access the free résumé writing course


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Your résumé is probably missing this key thing

If any of this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place.

There are many reasons why your résumé isn’t getting the level or kind of interest you’re hoping for. I’ve discussed them in previous articles.

ONE of these reasons is that you probably didn’t include this ONE really important thing. It’s a simple yet powerful strategy that most people don’t incorporate into their résumé, but should.

The reason I’m focusing on this one is because, unlike many of the résumé writing strategies, this one is relatively easy to implement for most people. If you include it, it might just give you the “boost” you need to go from zero to potentially multiple interviews.

What am I talking about?  Sign up to the mini course to find out.  I’ll walk you through what this strategy is and how to implement it into your current document.

Click on this link to access the free résumé writing course


Click on this link to learn how to quantify your accomplishments

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