Personal Branding

The way you “brand” yourself can make or break your career success. I will strategically write your résumé to attract the right kind of attention – like being called for the interview!


Suffering from interview jitters? The process can be nerve-wracking even for the most seasoned job seeker.  Don’t worry!  I’ll help you prepare and make it as stress-free as possible.

Are you sending our your résumé but hearing crickets?


Your résumé is most likely your first (and biggest) obstacle to landing the interview!


Here’s close to 30 pages of valuable tips that will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of landing the interview.

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20 Quick Fixes
Customize Your Résumé

Your résumé isn’t written optimally to get through the two biggest hurdles:

#1:  The initial screening done by the applicant tracking system (ATS)

#2:  The “6 second scan” done by the human reader

You can be the best-match candidate with a seemingly well-written document and still not get through these filters, making your résumé DOA.

STEP #1:  Grab your FREE gifts!

If you’re a DIY type of person, you can try to improve your résumé on your own. Download the two PDFs (on the left) which for useful tips on how to create a résumé that helps YOU stand out from the potentially hundreds of other qualified candidates vying for the same job.

STEP #2:  Grab your FREE phone consultation!

Before you send your résumé anywhere, please email me (Diana) at info AT perfectfitresume DOT com for a free, no obligation, 15-minute phone consultation.  Make sure to attach your current résumé so I can review it and give you feedback during our phone call. We’ll also talk a bit about your career goals and objectives and how I can help you.

How 6 seconds can make – or break – your job search.

6 seconds.  Studies indicate that’s how long the average human reader scans your résumé to decide if they want to keep reading.  Fact is, if the human isn’t impressed, your résumé doesn’t get on the “A-list” and you won’t get called for the interview.

Don’t panic….Help is only a phone call away!

I’ll write you a totally custom résumé that is designed to get you noticed (in a good way!)  that puts you on the “Must Call” list  and gets you closer to the job you want.

Find out if my service is right for YOU.

(It isn’t for everyone.)

Book me for a friendly 15 minute chat.

Not sure if you need my help?

If you answer YES to any of these, then you do:

  • Would you prefer to get root canal surgery than write your own résumé?
  • Do you have the résumé know-how, but not the hours that it takes to get it done?
  • Do you suffer from résumé shame and feel kinda sad when you look at it?


Diana Foster

Résumé Writer, Job Search Coach, Recruiter

I’m much more than just a résumé writer!

I have over 10 years experience as an agency recruiter, working in the “trenches”,  reviewing and re-writing résumés and LinkedIn profiles, as well as coaching. I know first-hand what Employers want to see in a résumé which probably isn’t what you think.  Drawing upon my sales and marketing background, I will effectively position your unique “value proposition” to address the Employer’s “hiring pain”, motivating them to contact you for the interview.

Actively looking? Eyeing a promotion?

You need a résumé that attracts the right kind of attention.

It was a privilege working with Diana Foster and I highly recommend her service if  you need help with your résumé or job search. Being an experienced recruiter, Diana knew what improvements were needed to get my résumé to the top of the pile. With her outgoing and charming personality, Diana makes you feel valued by showing you what you have to offer a potential employer.

Russ McGrandle

Sales Professional, Confidential

Diana reviewed my homemade résumé and was brutally honest with the content and format. I appreciated this coming from a recruiter who knows what’s really important to prospective employers. She cut out the fat, removed the redundant material and streamlined my employment history and job titles…. and she did it fast in 3 drafts with my feedback each time. I would definitely recommend Diana for anyone that wants to get serious with their résumé.

Brian Vaz

Maintenance & Engineering Manager, Confidential

I’m happy to recommend the personal branding and professional résumé writing services offered by Diana Foster.  Diana accurately captured the true essence of my professional experiences and accomplishments in delivering a document that speaks to Colin Joseph, the person. Working with Diana was indeed an investment in myself, since she happens to be a great communicator, intuitive, as well as someone who pays close attention to details…And as a result the final document far exceeded my expectations.

Colin Joseph, MBA,

President & Founder, CoJo Skincare

Diana completely re-wrote my résumé into a highly polished document that I needed at the last minute. Diana was committed to getting my order completed on time and was a pleasure to deal with. I am confident that I made a great investment by engaging her services.

Victor Borja-Sheen

Product Consultant, LCBO

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